Korean Summer Day Trip 101

June 05, 2016

Pack a crap-ton of food and soju into your car. Get lost on the toll roads due to lack of navigation skills and distracting political banter. Drive through farmlands and rice paddies until you get to the secret little beach your foreign friend went to with her Korean friend who swore her to secrecy, but just don't tell anyone else, okay? Place your portable gas grill wherever the f you want and grill your food. Samgyeopsal and mushrooms are best, even better with grilled whole garlic cloves and lettuce and spicy red pepper sauce on the side. Wash it down with sweet, fruity soju and rice wine. Nap on the beach, read a book, and get a slight burn when you forget to put on sunscreen, since it's overcast. Say annyeong! to the small Korean child staring at you on the way to the bathrooms whose mother is insisting he say "hi!" to you. Dive into the waveless ocean, pack up, and go home - salt in your curly hair, sun slinking gently down the mountains.

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